Giving Women the Power to Win

Dr. Tala Price, Founder

Welcome to The Winning Woman's Network...

Winning Woman is a lifestyle network designed to build powerful successful women who win! We encourage our members to become an active participant in the production of their own success. Confronting the traditional barriers women face, Winning Woman's Network inspires its members to go beyond the culture crafted model of womanhood to become a leader in their own destiny. Our goal is to not just equip you to succeed and achieve but give you the "power" to win. We address issues from the inside out to help women develop their "character of power."  Discover what keeping you from defeating the enemy to your success.

Meet the Winning Woman 


Learn the Principles of being a powerful woman of success in any sphere by becoming:

  • Powerful and not passive 

  • Confident and not coy 

  • Feminine and not seductive 

  • Passionate and not emotional 

  • Smart but not hard 

  • Polite but firm 

  • Successful and not sorry 

  • A winner and not a whiner 

  • A player who does not cater 

  • A leader not a needs meeter

  • Gusty not gabby 

  • A doer and not a talker 

  • A pacesetter and not a follower 

  • A completer and not quitter 

  • Risk taker and not a care taker 

  • Visionary and not a secretary 

  • Educator and not a dictator 

  • An influencer not an Imitator 

  • Inspirer not a fabricator

  • One that dominates and not manipulates


Monthly Workshops

Engage in monthly power sessions with experts to strengthen your inherent abilities for winning in every sphere of life. Share your experience, come learn from others, receive coaching and guidance for conquering your life goals. 

Monthly Consultation 

Network members can enjoy a 15, 30, or 60 minute consultation with a business professional to help coach them in achieving their goals, overcoming traditional obstacles and gaining access to success resources to help them win in their assigned sphere. 

Join the Winner Circle

19.99 Per Month

Live Tele-Cast Coaching

Participate in a live discussion and coaching session hosted by professional experts from various industries ready to share their experience and expertise. Ask questions, receive tips, and connect with like-minded achievers and winning woman.

Winning Woman Coaching 

Winning Woman's network offers members an opportunity to share their expertise with others by becoming a professional coach. This service allows qualified members to consult and help develop networkers into winning women. 


Entreprise Services

Find out how the Winning' Woman's Network can help you kickstart or grow your business. We offer operational management to emerging and developing entrepreneurs who need daily support to improve their business performance and reach their business goals. Schedule an appointment to speak with a consultant about how we take success to the next level. 
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Winning Girls

It's Never to Early to Learn to Win 

Winning Woman's Network is open to emerging women whose Identity and purpose is never to early to develop. Our winning girls membership is free for ages 14-18, and as little as 20.00 a month for young women ages 19-25. We want to give our these networkers seeking mentorship and coaching the opportunity to grow from Nice girls to Winning Women. 


Upcoming Events

7107 South Yale Ave 

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Telephone: 877-788-TALA (8252)


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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