Dr. Tala Price


Tala Price is a business advisor who enjoys motivating and inspiring new entrepreneurs to conquer their dreams. Her developmental focuses are: exploring the economy hidden within each individual, building a soul of success and learning the 3 keys to conquest: how to win, lose and recover all, a business philosophy she learned from her mother and mentor Dr. Paula Price. Tala did not begin her journey pursuing entrepreneurialship.  Graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications from Oral Roberts University in 2001, she got her start working as a production assistant and bookkeeper for a local production company.  Her exposure to business actually came from working directly with its Chief Operating Officer. 

Tala worked there for four years developing workflows and systems to increase productivity.  Upon leaving in 2004 she would receive her "walking MBA" over the next 8 years.  Tala became the operations manager for a non-profit organization in 2005.  She oversaw day to day operations, and was responsible for financial reporting, staff supervision, project management, marketing and outreach, and systems and processes development. Then in 2008 she became the Chief Operating Officer for a newly established consulting and resource development firm.  Being the COO of a small company Tala was responsible for establishing the company’s corporate structure, financial structure, operational systems, workflows, human resources, product development, sales and marketing plan.  She developed a talent for increasing productivity while decreasing overhead expenses through utilizing software application products.  Tala has learned to economize business operations to increase profit margins. These operational skills sets have opened the door for her to work with many businesses and non-profit organizations nationwide in establishing better workflows, developing more efficient operational management and increasing daily productivity.  


Tala now has her own company Zero to Business designed to provide operational services to small and emerging business.  During this process, Tala has helped many woman find their professional stride as entrepreneurs, business owners, career professionals and students. She began her company to coach, motivate and inspire other women to not only chase their dreams but become leaders, experts, solutionist in their field. Getting her own dose of reality about what it takes to succeed as a woman in business, she discovered books like Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office to help her navigate the rocky road of becoming a professional woman. Now she returns the favor to others establishing the Winning Woman's Network to boldly address the core challenges her network members will face in any sphere they attempt to excel in. 

To book Dr. Tala Price or bring a network event to your city, send a request to: winningwoman'snetwork@gmail.com